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Driving, Fireworks, Ginger Bread Men & Love
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Why I believe all children need Relax Kids.


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Driving, Fireworks, Ginger Bread Men & Love

I have gathered together a few of my blog posts that have resonated most with those that follow my  Facebook Page.

May 2015
I spent yesterday with the amazingCycle Against Suicideteam as they travelled from Limerick to Tralee. There was a time about 8 years ago when a weekly trip up and down the N7 to limerick was part of my normal routine. This lasted for about 18 months, at about the same time I remember reading a quote which said "5 years from now you will be a product of the things you read and the people you surround yourself with" Looking back I recognise now that I used this time travelling and in the hotel in the evenings to figure that out, who was I?

Transfer Test

The weeks and days leading up to the transfer test can be very stressful for both children & parents, but we can perhaps use this as an opportunity to teach them some new skills, that will help to reduce stress and allow them to achieve their full potential. Helping  to open them up to new ideas that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.  This is something very close to my own heart as my earliest memory of using essential oils is from when I was doing what was then called the 11+.

Why I believe all children need Relax Kids.

In 2004 The Uk's  Office of National Statistics published a report into Mental Health of Children and Young People, amongst other findings the report found that

·10% of children aged 5-16 in the UK had a clinically diagnosed mental disorder: 4% had an emotional disorder, 6% had a conduct disorder, 2% had a hyperkinetic disorder, and 1% had a less common disorder such as autism, tics, etc. Some children had more than one type of disorder. 
I came across the report a few years later and began to think if 10% of Children and Young People had a diagnosed mental health problem then how many more children were affected by stress and/or anxiety on a day to basis?
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