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Book Review: Wisdom's Wishes by Sinéad Flanagan

This beautiful book, written by Relax Kids coach, social care practitioner, and Mum Sinéad Flanagan is a gift to all families who are aware that their child is struggling with anxiety.

It's a short read, full of wisdom that you can dip into and it encourages you to choose to navigate the parenting journey in a way that works for you and your family.

The book starts with a child-friendly, age-appropriate explanation of anxiety that you can share to help your child make sense of how anxiety can impact their thoughts and emotions. Sinéad also gives tips about how you can talk to your child about anxiety and exercises to challenge thoughts that lead to anxiety.

You'll also discover anchoring techniques that can help them to restore the feeling of calm if they experience a challenging situation. Not only that, but Sinéad covers how you can help your child to manage the build-up to a situation that normally sparks anxiety.

The book covers common issues such as sleep, friendships, and additional supports that you might like to explore, such as parental self-care, food, and EFT.

Other helpful resources include a recommended reading list and information on sensory integration.

Wisdom's Wishes costs £14.00 and is available to order by clicking the button below:

Watch an interview with the author here

Praise for Wisdom's Wishes - How to turn anxiety into a gift that will connect your family:

This lovely book is filled with love and dedication...It is a

wonderful support to parents who need it to help them see they have the power. It really will bring so much calm and comfort to families. - Marneta Viegas, Founder of Relax Kids.

This book is fantastic. I will be recommending it to parents and the students on my courses. - Louise Shanagher, Children's therapist, mindfulness teacher and Psychology Lecturer.
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