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Breast Care

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Question 1: Do you regularly check your breasts?

Question 2: Do you have a breast care routine?

Both of these points are important however I am a big believer in prevention is better than cure so for me the 2nd one is the most important. 💞

I am pretty sure we all know at least one woman that has been through a journey with Breast Cancer and yet when I ask women do they have a breast care plan many look blankly at me.

When we check our breasts we are often approaching it from a fear based place, when we care for our breasts we are coming from a love based place.

This can really make a huge difference. 💞

A friend shared this as a post a few months ago and it really resonated.(Thank you Lynn)

“I have been asked multiple times to put a ❤️on my wall to raise awareness for breast cancer.

As harmless as this is, I'd prefer to offer you something more practical so here goes:

Yes, as the meme says, check your boobies, but there are many more things you can be doing, don’t just check them… take care of them.

* Check the ingredients in your deodorant. We have very important lymph glands in those armpits and their job is to expel toxins, applying chemicals to the skin just makes them have to work much harder. Find a natural more caring brand, have a day off from wearing any at all every now and again. If your diet is good you shouldn’t smell too bad anyway. If you do smell bad, your body is doing its job, it is expelling toxins.


* When you are relaxing at home take your bra off, those straps and wires restrict the flow of the lymphatic fluid that is working really hard to remove toxins from your body.


* If you consume animal products please try to switch to the organic variety, you really don’t want all those added hormones floating around in your body playing havoc with your endocrine system.


* If you have unresolved emotions, talk to someone, get some counselling or talk to someone who you trust. Thoughts can be toxic too and grief can lead to dis-ease.


* Drink lots of water, move your body, massage yourself (or get someone else to) and really invest in your health, it is the most important thing you have. “

Regular self breast massage can also be a very important part of your self care plan.

Mindfully connecting with any part of our body and sending love to our cells is always good. It helps you to become familiar with your breasts, their shape, their texture but it also helps to stimulate lymph flow which releases toxins.

If your a woman who wants to know and understand her body and be the healthiest she can be I highly recommend following the work of Dr Christiane Northrup.

“Our task as women is to learn, minute by minute, to respect ourselves and our bodies. Whether our breasts are small or large, perky or droopy, whether we have implants or lumps, or have had a mastectomy, all of “the girls” are wonderful. Our breasts are a source of nourishment and pleasure for both ourselves and others, and should be seen as such! You can improve your breast health almost immediately with these self-care practices:

  • When you touch your breasts, do so with respect and caring. Be grateful they are part of your body. That means if you do a monthly breast self-exam, do NOT do it with a search-and-destroy mentality. This isn’t a military exercise whose purpose is finding and killing an enemy! Instead thank your breasts, chest, and heart area for being a part of your body as you lovingly touch these parts of yourself. Pay special attention to the area up under the armpit where all the lymph nodes are. Massaging this area will assist in ridding your body of toxins, while increasing blood flow and life energy”

Please encourage young teenage women not to keep their mobile phones in Blazer pockets. This practice is I believe literally a ticking time bomb.

There is often lots of “Pink Washing” for Breast Cancer Awareness particularly during the month of October. Before you purchase these products check the ingredients and make sure that they don’t contain chemicals that can be part of the problem.

If you would like to use Cosmetics & Skin Care that is free of chemicals and based on natural ingredients, you can purchase Neals Yard Products directly from me on the link below or by messaging me directly.

During October 2023 there is a special offer on Women's Balance Massage Oil which is the perfect product to use for Breast Massage

Thanks to Caroline Worsley and Neal's Yard Remedies Organic - Lynn Williamott for sharing.

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