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Handwashing Can be Kind to your Hands

Many of my clients have been asking for my suggestions to some of those products they are having difficulty getting elsewhere or have been in touch because hands are starting to get dry, cracked chapped or contact Dermatitis is appearing.

Here are some of my favourites:

🌿 Soap - palm oil free - but full of plant lipids that viruses hate! - my top tip Lavender & Tea Tree - great anti bacterial qualities!

🌿 Hand Washes - inclusive of many antibacterial & antiviral essential oils and not oil stripping as many other brands may be - my top tip is Citrus Hand wash as many of the essential oils are anti-viral! 🌿 Hand Creams & Lotions - replenishing & nourishing the delicate hand skin which could well be suffering from all the chemical laden, alcohol hand sanitisers and excessive washing - my top tip is Melissa Hand Cream - Lemonbalm is antiviral! 🌿 Inner Health products to boost immune system ( take under advisement if unwell or on medication ) Vitamin C Boost Antioxidant Boost Multi Vitamin & Mineral Boost Echinacea Tincture 🌿 Reducing Stress & Anxiety Beauty Sleep Supplement Quiet Time Tea Remedies to Roll - relaxation & meditation Frankincense Lift range Balancing Home Fragrance range 🌿Hand Sanitiser I am using the Lavender & Aloe Vera Deodorant which is Alcohol Based, includes witch hazel and other helpful ingredients and adding some extra Essential Oils. 🌿Keeping an element of Peace in The Home.

Using an Electric Diffuser and a variety of Essential Oils will help with normal germs in the home and may also help keep everyone calm & relaxed.

Need more help or advice? please contact me.

You can also order Online the Website is:…/joannecallan/area/shop-online/ These are not Intended to Replace Medical Help so please ensure if you are unwell that you seek the correct medical help and follow Government Guidelines.

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