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September - Focus On Well - Being.

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Prevention is Easier Than Cure

September can often feel like a new year, it’s a time when we get back to a routine and perhaps also look at how we can support our health and that of our children and families better.

The sunshine we are enjoying at the moment will certainly be helping our Vitamin D Levels in preparation for autumn and winter.

Our bodies need different things at different times, as we move into a new season we need to support out bodies in different ways.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are moving into the season of slowing down. Giving ourselves permission to work with these natural cycles and work with the seasons rather than against them can have huge benefits for our overall health.

For women, this is particularly relevant due to their cyclical nature.

Many women will have been juggling many additional roles over the past few months and may be struggling to manage their stress levels, moods & emotions. I believe the wisdom contained within this book can and be life changing and is needed for women now more than ever. This book is a must read for all women regardless of whether they have a menstrual bleed or not.

We know what makes is sick lets focus on what makes us healthy.

I regularly ask myself the question "how can I be the healthiest I can be, how can I manage and reduce my stress levels, how can I support my Immune System?"

The importance is to focus on controlling what we can control.

Pause. Breathe. Believe.

These top 3 suggestion are free and we have access to them at all times.


Take a moment to pause to notice your breath, to connect with your senses and what is there is the moment. Give yourself a moment to reset.


Educating yourself on the benefits and importance of Nasal Breathing I highly recommend the work of Eoin Burns & Patrick Mc Keown who work with Byteko Breathing Methods. We have been designed to Nasal Breath how we breath can impact everything from asthma/allergies, sleep, snoring, anxiety, focus, concentration etc. Improving the quality and effectiveness of our breath is fundamental pillar of health. (See linked blog below)


The power of your thoughts and words have a huge impact on how you feel. The stories and beliefs we hold are simply thoughts that we keep thinking and telling ourselves. Many of the beliefs that we have aren’t even our own, we have picked them up from our parents, our society, the books we have read, the programs we have watched etc etc Noticing the words we use to ourselves and other people and changing them to more supportive and positive words greatly effect on our resilience and our ability to be more compassionate, relaxed, calm & confident. I highly recommend watching The Heal Documentary to understand more about the power of the mind body connection in relations to physical illness and disease.

If you would like to make Meditation part of your day join our Morning Meditation Group, details are available here:

Food & Nutrition

If you have been eating lots of homegrown fruit and veg over the past few weeks your body will be reaping the benefit and it will help carry you through the winter months.

Eating seasonally and organically, along with counting chemicals instead of calories will mean that our body has less work to do and can focus on helping us to be the healthiest we can be.

Slowing Down when we eat, connecting with our food and perhaps taking a moment before we eat to be grateful for the food we are consuming and to connect with if from Farm to Fork often results in moving us to rest and digest mode rather than fight or flight and can also mean that we make different and more nourishing food choices. I call this the lost blessing of Grace Before Meals.

For more on Mindful Eating, the benefits of slowing down, an Immune System Support Pack along with 24 Delicious Recipes and Health & Well Being Affirmations visit. use the Discount Code: HEALTHMATTERS to receive £10 Off.

Pro Biotics/Pre Biotics & Gut Microbiome.

I love this Description from Dr Zach Bush

“The human body doesn’t have an organ called the Immune System it is an immune system.

A system composed of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites & a few human elements too. The last decade has uncovered discoveries of the vast universe we call the microbiome. Two paradigm shifting conclusions have been ascertained from thousands of research studies: Neither human immunity or the human brain work without the interaction of millions of species of tiny organisms that inhabit every niche of the human body.

The gut is the Manhattan of the microbiome. Every internal organ; liver, kidneys, vascular system, and brain, have unique ecosystems of viruses, bacteria & fungi that maintain balance & function.

The foundation of the gut & microbiome in human health cannot be over emphasized. Our lab has been working for 7 years to understand the relationship between the microbiome & integrity of the intestinal lining. Your gut lining, covering two tennis courts in surface area, is only half the thickness of a human hair. This super thin cellophane-like barrier is not a wall, but rather an intelligent gate keeper, allowing the good stuff in, & keeping out unwanted biome, toxins, organic, inorganic toxins, etc.

In a profoundly eloquent method of checks & balances, mother nature has designed our gut barrier, the primary structure that defines your self-identity at the biologic level, to be completely dependent on its continuous contact with the microbial population of the earth.

Through your breath, food & all you touch, your micro biome is an extension of you. If you isolate yourself from nature & her biodiversity, you will falter in your self-identity, immune function, & in your mind.

That is why understanding & supporting our Immune System is so important.

Research suggests.

1 course of antibiotics: shown to increase your risk of major depression by 24%, anxiety disorders by 17%

2 courses of antibiotics in a year: 52% increase in depression & 44% increase in anxiety disorders.

Neither the microbiome or the virome are against us. We are all in relationship to each other and we need to support our immune system to be as efficient as possible."

In an ideal world we would get all the nutrients, pro-biotics and pre-biotics that we need from our food however due to years of Industrial Farming and over processed food that is no longer possible for most of us and so supplements are helpful. I would also consider looking at increasing fermented food such as Kefir, Kombucha and Sauerkraut. I am also a fan of Raw Organic Milk (which is often able to be consumed by those with Dairy Intolerance).

Here are the range of Pro Biotic supplements that I stock they are a world leading product created by local nutraceutical experts Amanda & Rowan Kearns

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, when used correctly and within the guidelines Essential Oils are very beneficial to physical and emotional health. The brand I use and sell is Neals Yard Remedies and you can view the range here.

Remember the human body needs movement, it needs fun, it needs opportunities to connect with others and to be more playful adding more of this into your life will enhance it in so many ways. " We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing" G.B Shaw.

If you need any additional support please get in touch or you can book an appointment on

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