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Group Well Being Program's

Delivered to Schools, Community & Corporate



I grew up in a home where a Holisitic approach to health and wellness was the norm. Aromatherapy oils and homeopathy remedies wehre a regular go to for the everyday issues that arose.  Following on from the benefits I experienced on my own health journey, in 2006 I trained as a Reflexologist. In the years that followed I was attuned as a Reiki Therapist and Angel Card Reader and in 2012 I trained as a Relax Kids Coach. In 2014 I became the Trainer for Relax Kids in Ireland and have also completed their Baby Mindful and ChargeUp Training and am a Company Trainer for these programs. I am an  Independent Consultant for Neal's Yard Organic Skin & Body Care.



In 2019 I completed my Training with the Institute For The Psychology of Eating.

In 2020 I Founded Changing Cycles Community Interest Company where our focus is on Menstrual Wellness & connecting people of all ages & life stages with the cycles and rhythms in their body & the world around us.  

I believe that in today's busy world it is essential that we all take time out to allow our bodies and minds to relax, allowing them to function as nature intended and experience optimum health & well being.   It is also vitally important that we educate, empower & support ourselves to know as much as we can about how to optimise our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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Baby Mindful classes incorporate the unique Relax Kids 7-step approach and include movement, play, gentle stretching, gentle baby touch, breathing exercises for parents, affirmations and visualisations/relaxation.

Feedback from parents who have attended Baby Mindful classesconfirms that both baby and parent feel calmer followingsessions, with many parents reporting that their babies sleep forlonger after the class.Parents have also commented that they feel more able to meettheir baby's needs in a calm and centred way, and feel that thishas made a huge difference to their confidence as new parents.Our Ante Natal Baby Mindful Sessions are a beautiful way tosupport during Pregnancy and offer an opportunity to gainknowledge and techniques that will support in the days andweeks after baby has arrived.



Relax Kids was established in 2000 and has become one of the
world leaders in programs and products that are aimed at
supporting the emotional & mental health & wellbeing of children
& young people providing them with skills that they can use
throughout life.

There are Relax Kids Coaches in 38 countries across the world
with that number rapidly on the increase.
Relax Kids is recognised and recommended by Doctors,
Psychologists, Child Therapists, Play Workers, Teachers and Social

The course can be adapted for working with special needs,
children of all ages and used in a variety of settings such as
schools, hospitals and community centres.
Relax Kids classes are supported with a wide range of highly
recommended and widely used products and resources.

Our classes are suitable for a range of ages.

- Under 5 - Little Stars - Supported By Parents/Nursery
- 5- 8 Yr Old - Magical Adventures
- 9 -11 Yr Old - Chill Skills


Supporting Young People Age 11+
The teenage years are a period of change, the transition from a
dependent child to an independent young adult.
This can be a turbulent time with big changes happening,
physically, mentally and emotionally.
ChargeUp is a programme of lessons that focuses on helping
teens understand and manage their emotional and mental
health and wellbeing.

Benefits for Young People:

  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety

  • Helps improve sleep

  • Improves mental health and wellbeing

  • Gives mindful tools to help self-regulate

  • Increases self-awareness and empathy

  • Helps improve learning and performance

  • Increases attention, focus and concentration

Sessions include the established 7-step system and covers a
wide range of topics from self-awareness, healthy lifestyle, and
sleep hygiene, to consent and boundaries and stress
ENERGISE - Movement for energy management
CONNECT - Ice breaker games for social connection
EXTEND - Simple stretches, for energy for stress management
RECONNECT-Peer/self-massage for self-awareness and empathy
FLOW - Breathing exercises for self-regulation
REBOOT - Positive affirmations for focus and concentration
RECHARGE - Relaxation and visualisation for stress release and
deep relaxation



Changing Cycles Community Interest Company
was founded in 2020

Our Vision 

A world where the cyclical nature of women is understood, integrated and respected in everyday life. 

Our Mission

The delivery of a variety of programs for all ages, abilities,
and cultural backgrounds to educate and empower
people by giving them a deeper understanding of the
rhythms and cycles within their own bodies and the world
around them.

To educate, empower & support women of all ages to
understand the physical emotional and energetic aspects of
their Menstrual Cycle & to share this wisdom with men.

To support a Holistic approach to health and well-being in
our community
with a particular focus on mind, body
nutrition and the impact of diet culture, obesity bias and
weight stigma on an individual & societal basis.

Through our sister company Moon Times, we produce &
supply menstrual & personal hygiene products that are
better for humans and better for the environment.


I created Be Balanced in 2009 in order to share the information and practices that I had used to support my own Health and Weight Management Journey. After completing my attunement as Moon Mother in 2016 and my Training with the Institute For The
Psychology of Eating in 2019 I updated the program, added some new elements and relaunched it in 2021 with additional support materials.

It can be delivered as an Introduction to Holistic Health, a full 8-week Program or elements can be used to create a bespoke program for your organisation.

  • Simple Steps

  • Consciously Creating

  • Holistic Helpers

  • Nourishing Nutrition

  • Magical, Mindful Movement

  • Happy Hormones

  • Be Balanced

  • Feeling Fabulous

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