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Building Confidence & Understanding Anxiety

Sore tummy, sleep problems, clingyness, not wanting to take part in groups. Children are showing signs of anxiety at a very young age, this can present in lots of different ways. 

We can hope they will grow out of it and sometime they do but sometimes it take a bit more support. The younger we can do this the better. 

This easy to follow course will be give you information & tools that will help you to understand anxiety in children and give you information to help support your child. 


My name is Joanne Callan.  I am a Holistic Therapist & Relax Kids Coach.  Over the past 12 years I have supported many children & their parents to overcome the difficulties that children often face when they experience anxiety, low confidence, self esteem or other problems associated with managing feelings & emotions. 

I passionately believe that in order to support children properly and gain long lasting results we need to look at a holistic approach to help us to get to the source of the feelings, to clear them and then to have techniques that can help children to deal with their thoughts, feelings & emotions. 

This short introduction can be taken at any time. 
  1. Introduction

  2. Signs & Symptoms

  3. A Holistic Approach

  4. The Brain.

  5. Language

  6. Calming The Central Nervous System   (Physical Support)

  7. Relax Kids

  8. Aromatherapy

  9. Homeopathy

  10. Indigo Essences

  11. Reflexology

  12. The Journey For Kids

  13. Growth Mindset & Resilience

  14. Extra Resources

  15. Thank You

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