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How To Care For Me.

How different might the world be if we all carried a how to care for me card?

I decided a few years ago that if I was buying any new clothes that they would be as sustainable and ethical as possible. One of materials I wanted to buy more of was fabrics made from wool particularly Irish Wool. I will write a longer blog on this another time as there are so many reasons for us all to consider wool as a fabric.

Today's blog however isn't about that it is about how much this card made me smile when I saw it and I couldn't help think how much better the world might be if we each knew the answer to this for ourselves and we able to share our "care instructions" with others around us.

There are many ways to ensure that we care for ourselves physically, emotionally, energetically and spirituality for me in the past few years learning more about Love Languages and Attachment Theory has been life changing, I understand myself and others at a much deeper level and my relationship with myself and my relationship with others has changed massively for the better.

So in this short blog, I encourage to explore these questions.

  • How can I care for me?

  • Can I be vulnerable enough to share with others how I would like them to care for me?

  • Can I ask those I am closest to - How can I care for you?

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