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World Reflexology Week & Testimonials & Celebrations

This week was World Reflexology Week and it also marks 18 years since my journey as a Reflexologist began in 2005. What a special journey that has been.

It will have been the catalyst for me knowing many of you who are reading this and 18years on and 1000's of treatments later I still love reflexology as much today as I did then.

This lead on to my Relax Kids journey which started this weekend back in 2012 and my journey as an Eating Psychology Coach which also began this week in 2018.

As I am writing this on 23rd Sept 2023 which is Astrological Autumn Equinox my day began with a perfect Autumnal Sunrise at Ballymacdermot Court Tomb whilst leaving I met a tribe of magpies apparently "9 is for a Kiss and 10 for a surprised not to be missed" I'm not sure exactly how many it was so will wait and see.

This was followed by an incredible day with some of the other Irish Relax Kids Coaches in the very special Bluebell Lane.

I am filled with the deepest gratitude for those that have been part of my life and who choose, trust & support me, allowing me to spend my day doing something I love and something that feels very much a part of my souls work.

A few months ago I asked for some feedback from clients and here is some of what they shared.

Client Feedback (2)
Download XLSX • 14KB

Thank you all your love, trust and support.


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