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2020 Vision

As we come to the end of 2020 a year that many of us would have opted out of if we had been given the option.

This year has been a challenge for many of us and we have all experienced different challenges.

It can be interesting to look back at the road we have travelled and what we found most challenging. To explore what the blessings were, what the lessons were and how do we integrate the lessons.

Exploring these lessons can often lead us to great clarity, personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

This is of course if we allow ourselves to see it, take the time and get the support to discover and shine light on what they might be showing us.

Human beings have developed many ways of avoiding change and avoiding what we don’t want to see. We throw ourselves into work, into socialising, into exercise, and we use things like food, medication, drugs, alcohol and even “self help” to avoid looking at some of the aspects of ourselves and our lives that on a soul level we might need to explore.

Perhaps 2020 has been a year of clarity and soul awakening for you?

Are you ready to explore what your challenges could be teaching you?

Are you ready to change?

Not for any external reason but for all the internal deeper soul level reasons?

When we are ready to do the work the teacher will appear.

Get in touch if you would like to explore some options.

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