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Double Rainbows

Back in March/April I was writing and sharing lots of inspired words and thoughts. Today for me it feels like things are as crazy and confusing as ever and I revisited a few of my favourites that brought comfort and hope in this early days.

Here is one of them along with a beautiful #DoubleRainbow at Bluebell Lane Glamping 🌈💓

I believe all of these things are possibilities

Written by - Katie LaMonte ❤️

“If you believe this virus is spread human to human, the antidote is building the immune system with eating plants & natural medicines and sitting in nature alone or with your immediate family, soaking up vitamin d & sunshine

If you believe that this virus is symptoms of 5G exposure, then the antidote is sitting in nature, connecting to Mother Earth, building your immunity with eating plants and natural medicines - submerge yourself in water & dirt

If you believe that this is all a hoax and you just need to sit back while Q saves us all, then the answer is sitting in nature, build a garden for the new earth, commune with God, eat plants & natural medicines that strengthen your connection and open your channel to the new earth frequency ~ ascend with her

If you believe the economy is collapsing, and authoritarian dictatorship is imminent, the most radical thing you can do in protest is build a garden, releasing dependency on the system

If you believe that Mother Earth is mad at us and purging the human race, the answer is go outside and listen, build a garden, align with her

The answer is always nature. Always.

We do not have to argue about the why. The antidote is obvious. Alignment with the mother, with our source of nurturance. Remembering everything we use and need comes from her. Give thanks. Humble. Slow down. Observe. Listen.”

Written by - Katie LaMonte ❤️

Shared by Joanne

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