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Investing In Your Health

Over the years I have been blessed to have supported the health and well being of many people and I am so very grateful for their support. 

As the saying goes “as we teach, we learn” and that has certainly been the case for me since I began this journey over 16 years ago. 

I have in that witnessed in many people the benefit of investing in themselves and the journey that they can go on by building a long term relationship with one teacher/therapist. 

In many cases I share space and time with 3 generations of families and I love supporting the healing and growth in so many different ways.

Knowing and understanding personal and family patterns, dynamics, personalities and building trust over a prolonged period is something that can make a huge difference to my ability to support and guide.

In the past few weeks as I have struggled with some minor all be it acute health issues ( I will share more about that journey in the weeks ahead)  I have been reminded of how important these connections are to me and I am so grateful for those that trust and support me to do something I love. 

This feedback that I recently received from a a special person who I initially met as she was asking me about supporting a family member puts into words just why investing in your health and well being is so important and how rewarding it can be.

The journey we have shared has been very special and I love seeing how she has healed and grown, even trusting me enough to walk on fire and in doing so has helped me to heal and grow also. 🔥 

“When I think about Joanne and her approach to everything she does the word 'holistic' in its truest form comes to mind. Her belief that life is a jigsaw made up of many pieces and that for optimum well being we need to look at many different approaches in all areas of our lives has become something that I try to live by. 

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to avail of many programmes with Joanne from Living in Flow Circles, to Slow Eating, to Vision Boards, Fire Walks, Well being Retreats, Solstice celebrations, Sunrise Walks, Meditation groups and many more.. 

Joanne has the great ability to bring any group, large or small, together  giving everyone a voice and a sense of belonging.  There is always laughter, fun, great conversations,vulnerability, maybe a few tears, and, for me, a slow and gentle deeper understanding of myself  on the other side. 

Regular 1-1 sessions are now part of my investment in my own well being and I look forward to them immensely. Whatever is going on in my head or in my life Joanne provides a safe and non- judgmental space to take time out,talk, relax and reflect.  Reiki, Reflexology, Womb Blessings and long conversations  lift me physically,mentally,  emotionally and spiritually   

I couldn't imagine starting my day without listening to Joanne's gentle voice in  the daily meditation.  Just those few minutes centers and grounds  me and makes a huge difference to how I approach my day.

I don't do much with social media for all kinds of reasons but I follow Joannes posts.  Her posts are often challenging, & brave and always measured, kind and compassionate.  

Joanne has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she generously shares with so many people.

In a sentence -  What Joanne offers supports me in every area of my life and gives me the tools, the courage and the self belief to be, in her words, 'the best me I can be'   Thank you Joanne.  “

I know I won’t be the right person for everyone and that’s ok, none of us can be. However if you think I can be the right person to support you and you are ready to invest in yourself then please get in touch. As you can see from the above there are a variety of ways for us to connect and see where the journey goes.