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The Power Of Forgiveness.

Updated: Apr 29

This week I was listening to the #LynetteFay on #BBCradioulster as she interviewed Candice Mama who forgave the man who killed her father. It was an incredibly powerful interview.

You can listen back here I highly recommend doing so. I had so many inspirational takeaway's. I was also reminded of Richard Moore's story and the incredible power of forgiveness.

In November 2011, I met Richard Moore and I was inspired beyond word's and am blessed to have shared conversations with him and listened to his story on many occasions since.

Richard was shot and blinded on the 4th May 1972 as he made his way home from school at just 10years of age. Despite losing his sight in such a traumatic way, Richard returned to his old school, went on to university, successfully ran his own business, became an accomplished musician, and is married with two children and leads a very active and fulfilling life.

In 1996 Richard felt the need to harness all that he had learned and put it at the service of humanity, particularly children around the world who have been caught in the crossfire of poverty. The story of Children in Crossfire, therefore, has its roots in what began as a tragedy and ended as a triumph of the human spirit to overcome adversity. I have supported the work of Children In Crossfire since first meeting Richard and had the privilege of meeting The Dalai Lama in Sept 2017 although if the Dalai Lama refers to Richard as his hero I guess the real privilege is in knowing Richard.

Richard didn’t harbour any bitterness towards the soldier who shot him and always expressed his desire to meet him. In January 2006, Richard met Charles for the first time, and the two men have become close friends.

You can hear more about Richard here alongside an amazing, powerful and emotional song.

Richard has done many podcasts and interviews over the years, this is one of my favourites as it is full of Richard's very unique Derry humour.

As the week went on I was also reminded of a powerful forgiveness practice called Hoʻoponopono a traditional Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hawaiian word translates into English simply as "correction". This another powerful listen and the images are equally inspiring. I invite you to have a listen and allow the healing power to wash over you.

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