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Nasal Breathing

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

May you be peaceful

May you be healthy

May you be well

In Spring 2019 I was introduced to the benefits and science of Nasal Breathing and the Buteyko Method of Breathing.

I have since become an avid follower of the work of Eoin Burns and Patrick Mc Keown and have introduced this work to many family, friends and clients with life changing results.

Perhaps this was preparation for where we are now as it is more important than ever to understand our breath and how our body breathes.

Breathing in and out through our nose is one of the most important things we can do for our health and it is vitality important especially for those wearing masks for prolonged periods.

In Children and Adults Mouth Breathing can cause a variety of problems from asthma to snoring to anxiety to problems with focus and concentration. The good news is there is lots that can be done to help.

Check out these videos for some really important information. - Patrick Mc Keown Children's Breathing.

An Interview I did with Eoin in early 2020

This article may also be helpful.

I also highly recommend following Dr Seb - The biological Dentist on Instagram he shares regular information that will help you understand your child's breathing and how different factors impact the shape of our mouth and teeth and how early intervention can make a huge difference in avoiding intrusive orthodontics and also help with physical, mental and emotional well being.

Remember the more knowledge we have the more empowered we are to take control of our health and our choices.

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