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Womb Blessing Self Care

Thank you for the opportunity to share Womb Blessing Energy with you. I hope the Womb Blessing brings comfort, hope & healing. Please see attached some information for self care over the next 28 Day's. Here is a link to the Womb Blessing Meditation Here is the Womb Blessing Song: You may also like to connect with the Womb Blessing Ireland Facebook Page. Here is the link. - Facebook Page I am currently updating my website and would really appreciate some new reviews for Try The Alternative. If you have a moment it would be very helpful to me if you would leave a short review at

If you have any questions please just get in touch. Blessings Joanne

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Joanne, Thankyou for such a wonderful gathering of women. I felt very privileged to be a part of this and appreciate the support I felt being present within this group. It was a very special evening. The music by Fia, the drum, a fire next to us provided by the fishermen, a splendid light reflected in the water by the sky. Being in the water. All of it, it was so very soothing and magical. Thank you Joanne.

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