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Tools I Use to Stay Well

I originally wrote this post on the 22nd March 2020 and today might be a good time to re-read some of it.

Remember worry, fear or anxiety won’t help you or your child stay healthy. Empowerment, informed choice and some of the things listed below just might. If you need support for your fears please reach out and please share this message so that we can empower ourselves and each other to be the healthiest we can be.

Thank you to everyone that has messaged me to say that you have been enjoying/feeling the benefits of my posts and being part of my WhatsApp Group.

Some of you may also be wondering if I am taking a Pollyanna Approach (as in ignoring the negative) just in case you are here are my thoughts and the reason I am sharing what I am sharing.

I am taking this very seriously. I am being as pro-active as possible as my approach to health has always been prevention is easier than cure.

I stopped seeing clients before we had any official guidelines. As someone who is full time self employed that was a pretty sure sign I was taking it seriously.

I am assuming that the people following my page already know that we need to be proactive in our approach. Hand washing, physical distancing etc all the precautions that medical professionals and governments are telling us to take, I will assume you don’t need me to tell you these.

I will as best I can avoid “preaching to the converted” for want of a description,

I will also assume if you aren’t already doing this and don’t know what the right thing to do by now is then I probably won’t be the one to convince you otherwise.

There are people way more qualified than me that we should be listening to, so please source your information from those people and remember to stick to facts not the hype.

In the same way as always I have chosen to share things that will help educate and empower us to be the healthiest that we can be.

I am remaining mindful of the fact that along with looking after our physical health we also need to look after our emotional and mental health and I will do my best to support that,

We know what makes us sick, I am hoping to remind people of what keeps them healthy.

I regularly use the phrase "love yourself to good health" and it is as relevant now as ever.

Fear is the enemy of love. So let’s make our choices from a place of love.

When I find myself judging the behaviour of others or read/hear of others judging other people I attempt to look past the judgement and see my fear. Asking what is about this person's action that I am afraid of? It really helps.

Here is my approach:

  • I am adhering to all the necessary physical distancing guidelines because I love myself, my family and my community enough to help us all to be the healthiest we can be. This for me is a love based choice.

  • I have always washed my hands a lot - It's the nature of what I do. I am doing that a bit more, practicing mindfulness as I do it.

  • I am starting conversations with people with “hello strong healthy person” yes it makes us laugh and smile.

  • Instead if finishing texts with stay safe, I am saying “keep healthy and well”

  • I am using Essential Oils.

  • I am following Hippocrates Advice from over 2,500 years ago “let food be thy medicine and medicine by the food”

  • I am increasing the amount of gut friendly and immune system boosting foods that I take.

  • I am eating lots of organic garlic, ginger, lemons, herbs & spices.

  • I am listening to Podcasts & Audiobooks on lots of unrelated stuff.

  • I am unfollowing people and pages on social media.

  • I am am limiting my time spent on social media

  • I am listening to radio stations that only play music.