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Top Tips for Supporting the Immune System

😴Get adequate sleep. 💚Eat good quality, organic (when possible) food and ensure my nutritional needs are met. 💜Take a good quality multivitamin and at particularly vulnerable times increase Vitamin C & Zinc 💧Drink adequate amounts of water. 💜Neals Yard Organic Defence Oil & Hand Spray. 💜Neals Yard Elderberry Syrup. 💜Neals Yard Lavender Oil. 💜Probiotics, Prebiotics & Fermented Foods. 💜Managing/reducing emotional and physical stress. 💜Washing my hands regularly with warm, soapy water (food hygiene training taught me that we should wash our hands for the length of time that it takes to sing Happy Birthday. ) I personally don’t use antibacterial hand wash. 🧄 Garlic & Ginger 🍯 Local Honey 🍋 Lemons 🤧Cough & Sneeze into a tissue or elbow. (Elbows are better than hands as they don’t touch other people or surfaces.) 🤒If any cough, cold or flu symptoms begin to appear - Homeopathy in particular the remedy for flu - Gelsemium 30c. Homeopathy works really well if taken as soon as any flu symptoms appear. 💓Remember fear will cause stress and stress will reduce your immune system, prevention is always better than cure. So put some practical measures in place and do what you can to ensure you, your family and home environment are the healthiest they can be. ⭐️Remember to follow all government guidelines and official public health information and to seek medical advice should you experience any symptoms. For anyone wanting any Neal's Yard Products contact me or order on the link below.…/joannecallan/area/shop-online/

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